Noelle Freeman

About Noelle

Since the age of eight Noelle made giving back a priority. She always found ways to serve her community, specifically children with developmental disorders. This passion for service has continued throughout her professional career as she services meaningful non-profit organizations as well as serves as a board member for Beverly Hills based philanthropy organizations.

As the Chair of the Human Relations Commission for the City of Beverly Hills, Noelle Freeman makes it her daily mission and passion to uplift underserved communities. Notably, she instituted the first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiative in the city. Under this initiative, the city now hosts a quarterly speaker series titled "Critical Conversations," allowing the community to hear different perspectives from underrepresented voices. Each event has grown in size, shedding light on crucial issues such as women's reproductive rights, health disparities in the African American community, Jewish American Heritage, and more. Noelle's life's work revolves around moving the needle for marginalized voices by providing them with a platform and ultimately a leg up in society.

In addition to her advocacy efforts, Noelle oversees the allocation of the Beverly Hills Community Assistant Grant Fund, which earmarks $1.2 million annually to applicants in the city's most vulnerable populations.Furthermore, Noelle is credited with producing an extremely successful city-wide program for mental wellness. The inaugural "Day of Wellness" event, the city's first of its kind, garnered support from 65 sponsors and attracted over 1,000 attendees. The event provided valuable resources for those seeking mental help and offered a range of activities for all.

Professional Experience

In 2013, Noelle founded The DMS Agency which specializes in building brands by curating their online presence. The DMS Agency's clients include


In 2011, Noelle became Miss California where she traveled over 30,000 miles speaking about her autism awareness platform. in 2012, she competed for Miss America and placed 4th Runner-up.